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New Construction with Sillites®

The original SCR Self-Contained Receptacle
  • The smallest 120 volt 15 amp outlet on the market. NO additional junction box is needed.
  • Tamper resistant to meet section 406.11 of the 2008 NEC.
  • Use in: Window Sills, Mantels, Kitchen Islands, Cabinets, Baseboards and in other wood surfaces. Add Floor Ring to use in floors.
  • Mounts flush.
  • Easiest receptacle to install in any wood surface - simply drill a 1-3/4” hole instead of cutting out for a square junction box.
  • Includes matching cover cap that can be painted in the field.
  • Available in brown (#SCRBR), black (#SCRMB) & white (SCRW).
  • Accepts one or two sections of 12/2 or 14/2 Romex, for easy “daisy-chain” wiring.

SCR Installation Instructions

Click to download the SCR Rough-In or Wiring instruction sheets.


Pre-Wire with one or two sections of 14/2 or 12/2 Romex.


Drill a 1-3/4” hole in the mounting surface at least 2-1/4” deep. Center the hole at least 1-1/8” from the edge or sash. In 2x4 stud walls, crown molding can be used to create a cavity beneath an extended stool.


Wire the SCR for either end of run, 1-wire or “daisy-chain”, 2-wires. Then attach doors to cover terminals.


Secure the SCR with the #4 wood screws provided and insert the paintable cover cap.